Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission, Values and Philosophy of Care

Vision Statement

The Palms Aged Care vision is to ensure the service we provide makes a difference to the quality of life of our Consumers and that our Staff are valued for their contribution to the Consumers improved quality of life.

Mission Statement

The Palms Aged Care mission drives us to recognizes the value of each consumer and staff member, and the positive contributions they make towards the organization. We respect this commitment and mission through striving daily to achieve excellence and lead by example.

This is demonstrated by:

  • Providing quality physical, emotional, and spiritual care for each of our consumers
  • Providing a work environment where each staff member is valued and respected and given the opportunity to grow personally and professionally
  • Allowing our Consumers to continue with their social contacts outside the facility by taking them to bus outings, picnics and concerts and inviting their loved ones to accompany them.
  • Strengthening our relationships with the hospitals and the Allied Health teams and the community for assistance and support when needed
  • Recognizing that our Consumers come from different cultural backgrounds and ensuring their needs are met individually.
  • The commitment of the Management, Staff, and Community partners to our mission allows us to maintain a quality of presence and tradition of caring.

Values Statement

The values that drive The Palms are fundamental in achieving our Model of Care and in turn allowing our consumers to live their best possible life.

  • Respect – for the elderly and your team
  • Compassion – in your actions and thoughts
  • Excellence – strive daily to do your best, learn, and improve our consumers lives
  • Leading by Example – ensure every action is setting the highest example to our consumers, colleagues, and visitors. Be your best every day.

Philosophy of Care

The Palms Aged Care is committed to consistently meeting the Consumers’ and their representatives’ needs and expectations. We provide a framework which allows us as an organization to enhance the consumers quality of life.

We believe we will achieve success by:

  • Continually reflecting on our performance, striving to be our best everyday and leading by example
  • Being flexible in order to respond to our Consumers’ changing needs
  • Providing a respectful, happy, compassionate, and caring environment
  • Respecting our Consumers’ rights to privacy, dignity, and confidentiality
  • Ongoing consultation with Consumers and/or their Representatives to achieve optimum quality of life. Developing partnerships which enhance quality of life.
  • Motivating staff to attend training both internal and external to continually equip themselves with adequate knowledge to better serve the Consumers
  • Adherence to the documented policy, procedures, processes & best practice principles at all times
  • Encouraging Consumers, Relatives, and Staff to express concerns and complaints and work together towards resolutions to their satisfaction
  • Providing social independence and freedom of choice
  • Respecting the choices of each consumer and the risks that may come with those choices
  • Providing a variety of activities appropriate to the residents needs and interests that enhance their quality of life
  • Providing our residents with a sense of security and comfort
  • Making the relatives and visitors feel welcome each time they come to the facility
  • Continuous improvement in all areas of the organization, all the time through a commitment by Management to the successful implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System. Responsibility of all employees to follow the systems in place and to actively participate in continuous improvement.


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