Fresh meals prepared daily in our on-site commercial kitchen.  In consultation with a nutritionist, our professional catering team cooks well-balanced, healthy and appetising meals. Special dietary needs are easily accommodated depending on your requirements for example allergies or cultural needs.  An example of special diets catered for include vegetarian, diabetic, vitamised gluten free, low salt, high protein etc.

As your needs change, if the speech pathologist has recommended an alteration in your food consistency, our catering staff can easily adapt to suit your needs if required.

Our Activity Officers will consult with you on a daily basis and advise of the menu choices on offer for the following day.

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An example of a typical menu includes:

Breakfast Porridge, prunes, assorted cereals, hot or cold milk, white or wholemeal bread with assorted spreads, tinned fruit, orange or apple juice, tea and coffee
Morning Tea Assorted danish
Lunch Sweet & sour pork with vegetable fried rice, ice cream & topping
Afternoon Tea A selection of tea, coffee or cordial with sweet or savoury biscuits
Dinner Potato & Cress soup, spanish omelette & salad
Dessert Fresh fruit platter